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Rug Wash & Rosettes 

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Rug wash

Whatever you need to be washed we can do it for you.  Horse Rugs, Dog beds, Quilts.

Rug Wash £7.50

Wash and Reproof £15.00

If you have several small items, then we charge per load £7.50

You have the choice of non-bio or biological wash.

If you require rugs and items washes to eliminate equine pathogens, we can add a product to the wash that kills 99.999% of Equine Pathogens in seconds and is proven to be effective for 30 days. This is available at an extra cost of £1.00 per wash.



We make all our own rosettes.   If you would like us to make your rosettes, we can do so at a very competitive price.  We use the best satin edge ribbon and pleat in various styles.  A wide range of colours are available.

If you require rosettes even in a small quantity for a baby shower, birthday or hen/stag night we can tailor them to your party by adding names etc to the tails.

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