Upcoming Events

In Hand & Ridden Showing Show

Dates - 4th September, 2nd October, 6th November

Animal brown horse

Dressage Show

Dates- 10th July, 11th September, 9th October, 11th December

ShowJumping Show

 Dates- 19th June, 17th July, 21st August, 18th September, 16th October, 20th November, 4th December


Evening Dressage

Dates- 9th September

dog show_edited.jpg

Dog Show

Dates- 9th July, 13th August, 10th September, 8th October, 12th November, 10th December


Clear Round Evenings 

Dates- 17th June, 19th August

Gymkhana Shows

Dates to be confirmed

Riding Lessons

We run competitions on a Sunday and Occasional Friday Evenings   
The first Sunday of every month is
In Hand & Ridden Showing 
Second Sunday is Dressage 
Third Sunday is Show Jumping
 Fourth Sunday is free for clinics and arena hire. 
Evening Dressage is on occasional Fridays before the Dressage on Sunday. 

Our venue is open for hire, this can be clinics or merely hiring the facilities to run your own activities.