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We are an equestrian centre and riding school in Begdale, Wisbech and I believe that home schooled children might find the opportunity to get close to horses and ponies in a fun and enjoyable environment. It’s an opportunity to learn how to care and look after a pony. It will include grooming and basic care of the animal with an option to join in with a various of riding games. It’s an opportunity to learn and develop skills that will be beneficial and for those who love learning it’s a chance to learn as much as possible and develop the skills and knowledge for future careers.

You can either join us Monday 12pm-1.30pm £15pp with no riding or Monday 12pm-2pm £25pp with riding.


This will need to be pre-booked & paid in advance.

Dates: 5th February, 12th February

If this is of some interest to you or you know someone who might be interested in this opportunity, please contact Gemma on 07850290003

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