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Progression Tests

The ABRS recognises that not everyone is lucky enough to own a horse. Financial and time constraints mean that many riders rely on getting their ‘equine fix’ on a weekly basis, with a much looked-forward-to riding session at their local approved centre.

The ABRS+ also understands that many horse owners are new to horse ownership, and particularly those of a younger age are often moving on from regular lessons at riding schools. In either case, continued training and education in equitation and stable management are worthwhile to benefit both horse and rider.

ABRS+ Progressive Rider Tests have been specifically designed to provide a logical and progressive system of training. They give adult and child riders a structured programme of realistic stepping stones to achieve their equestrian goals both in the saddle and on the ground. The tests can also be adapted as necessary to suit riders with a disability.


If you haven’t got your own horse but want to set yourself some goals to improve your riding,  the ABRS+ Progressive Rider Tests could be your perfect option.


10 Stable Management and 10 Riding Rosettes – a fun way to learn more about ponies/horses with the added bonus of a Rosette and Certificate!

Learn how to care for your pony, groom them, clean their tack and feed them as well as which plants are dangerous to them. How to mount and dismount correctly, master rising and sitting trot and trot diagonals as well as canter aids and position to name but a few.

  • Points of the horse

  • Saddlery

  • Native Breed

  • Grooming

  • Tack Cleaning

  • Poisonous Plants

  • Feeds & Feeding

  • Pony Health

  • The Foot & Shoeing

  • Leading Ponies

  • Lunging

  • Health & Safety 

  • Mounting & Dismounting

  • Start, Stop & Steer

  • Rising Trot

  • Sitting Trot

  • Circles

  • Trot Diagonals

  • Changes of Rein

  • Canter Aids & Position

  • Canter Circles

Equestrian Care Awards (ECA) 

Do you want to help out with lessons at your yard? Equestrian Care Awards (ECAs) are perfect for you!

ECAs are logbook-based and are designed to encourage helpers to develop increasing competence in assisting before, during and after lessons and a growing awareness of Health and Safety around the yard.

The logbooks are tested in-house by riding school staff and each element is ticked off when complete; there is no time limit to complete the logbook.

On completion, each logbook is sent to the ABRS+ Head Office and you will be sent a certificate of achievement; a nationally recognised award.

It is recommended that each level has a minimum age:

  • Entry minimum age 10

  • Intermediate minimum age 12

  • Senior minimum age 14

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