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What to wear

What to wear

  • Hat: If you have your own hat it is important to ensure that it complies to the current standards.  It should fit correctly and have no damage or be badly worn. Safety is paramount. You may be asked to see the standards. You can hire a hat at a cost of £2.

  • Footwear: You will need to wear something with a small heel and with little grip. No open-toed shoes, trainers, heavy walking boots or with a zip on the inside. Wellies are often good providing they don’t have too much tread. We stock a range of riding footwear.

  • Clothing: Gloves are highly recommended. Trousers should be comfortable and have some give in them. Jeans can rub on the seams. No shorts, skirts or dresses and your arms should be covered. You can get hot whilst riding so layers are recommended. We Stock a wide range of riding clothing.

  • Body Protectors are not supplied but can be purchased from our shop. If you require any help, we can advise you.

We do not cancel when its raining so please come prepared for any weather conditions. Please note that when the weather is hot you must come dressed appropriately and legs and shoulders must be covered.


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